So how are there so many films from the decade that no one ever mentions?

This newsletter is going to cover the entire decade, end-to-end, one month at a time, and we’re going to cover films you know, films you forgot, and films no one’s ever heard of.

It’s one newsletter per month (unless we’ve got too many films for one issue, in which case we’ll put out a flurry of emails in one day) and it’ll be a little different every time. Some months, there are only seven films. Some months, there are thirty-eight movies. Whatever the case, you’ll get a newsletter on the 15th of each month.

So, yeah, doing the math, we’re talking about a ten-year subscription. You down for that kind of commitment? I am if you are.

You guys are the ones who are going to make this possible. Your subscriptions give you access to the newsletters as they’re published and the official archive.

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